Our WEB-ESSENTIALS plan* is perfect if don’t update or change anything on your site very often but you just need your website secured, monitored & maintained to keep it up and running without problems! The WEB-ESSENTIALS plan also includes a discounted hourly rate when you do require a little bit of assistance with basic content management and updates.

  • Software Updates: Peace of mind that all your website software will be kept up to date.
  • Website Backups: Daily or weekly depending on the needs of your site.
  • Secure Backup Storage: You can rest easy that if anything ever goes wrong we can restore your website quickly.
  • Premium Security: We do our best to keep any nasty intruders out.
  • Site Monitoring: Our eyes are on your site regularly, making sure it’s performing at its best & alerting you if there’s an opportunity you might be missing!
  • Discounted Design & Development Fee: 10% off the Regular Hourly Rate